Moving Belt

The safest means of transport for sleighs and ski slopes

Moving Belt

Year-round usable at any weather conditions

It is a facility developed for skiing, tubing, and golf course, so it can be installed indoors or outdoors. All exposed equipments are waterproof and they can be operated under the rainy and snowy weather.

Powerful motor performance

Since most of the outdoor moving belts are developed for ski slopes, the motor specifications are selected based on the passenger's boarding at 2 ~ 3m intervals. When applying such a general specifications to a crowed tubing park, it is often the case that the motor is overloaded or stops when the user suddenly rides onto the belt. We work closely with the supplier to select the right and strong motor for the tubing park to maker the moving belt operate always without problem.

Remote check function

If the moving belt is connected to the Internet, you can check the machine remotely at any time from the headquarters in Italy and see if any fault is occurred. You can connect a LAN line like a normal PC to the Internet or easily connect to a remote system via WIFI.  You can see the monitor operated by an engineer in Italy.

Various automatic control functions and safety devices

Thanks to the long experiences, we have added some very useful features to the moving belt.  If there are no passengers on the belt, the power saving mode is automatically activated.   We can check the operating hours and number of transported passengers daily, monthly and yearly. Also the normal/abnormal operation of various sensors are always displayed on the monitor.  In addition, if the passengers hesitate to leave the end of belt or the body or materials are clogged into the belt, the belt is immediately stopped by virtue of the various safety sensors.

Automatic recording system

Everything about moving belt operation is automatically recorded by the system and data is retained for one year. The error code of the moving belt, the operation of the safety device and the repair history can be easily checked, which are all very convenient for maintenance and repair.

Wind Tunnel with breathtaking design

You can choose a wind tunnel for additional options. Developed specifically for moving belts, the wind tunnel is more comfortable for winter passengers, and is also equipped with an opening and closing device for a ventilation as well as the shaded sun roof.


Max. Lengthmin. 20 m - max. 180 m 까지
Motor11.0 kW / 18.5 kW
Width of Belt (mm)650/ 750/ 850/ 1000/ 1500
Tension SystemHydraulic Cylinder
Max. Inclination25%

Speed control

Tension check

Monitoring motor over load

Error and alarm List

Automatic operating record system

Remote inspection service

Hand-held remote controller


Light sensor in the top station.

Magnet sensor of the station covers

Belt disconnection detecting sensor

Tension sensor

Snow height detecting sensor

Passenger detecting sensor

Obstruction detecting sensor

Windbreak Tunnel

Transparent PC Cover
Transparent PC Cover
Awning Structure
Awning Structure