Tube Conveying Belt

Tube Conveying Belt

For the convenience of patrons

The facility for the convenience of patrons

In fact, the 1st solution is always a moving belt, with which patrons get on the belt with tubes with them.  The 2nd solution is a tube conveying belt which transports the tubes back to the top and the patrons walk up without carrying tubes.  The tubing park should be equipped with either one of these solutions for the proportion of children are overwhelming in the tubing park.

All the transporting rollers are covered with stainless steel sheet.

To prevent the tubes from getting caught in the frame or rollers and to prevent the internal structures from being watched, the entire surface of the equipment is covered by the INOX stainless steel sheet, which looks aesthetically more beautiful than any other materials.

Polycarbonate cover

The highly luxurious polycarbonate cover enhances the durability by protecting machine from accidental damages and materials from outside.

Driving speed control function

You can adjust the driving speed according to the operation conditions, so that many tubes are piled up at the starting area unnecessarily or shortage of tubes does not occur.


ManufacturerSpace Engineering Inc. (South Korea)
Length20 ~ 150 m
Motor1.5 kW or 3.75 kW
Width1,200 mm
Max. Inclination45%
Speed0.2 ~ 0.7 m/s
CapacityDia. 80 ~ 100 cm
MaterialSteel frame / Stainless steel plate / Polycarbonate cover