Auto Starter

Auto Starter

Reduced labor costs for operating personnel

Some kids are forced to push their sleds from back by the security personnel because it is difficult to start the sled by themselves. For this reason, at least 3~4 safety personnel must work for the starting area.  However, with the aid of automatic starting platform, stable operation is possible with only one personnel.

Prevention of collision

One of the most frequent safety accidents at the tubing part is the collision with a person who comes later while the other person already arrives and gets up out of the tube. The simultaneous starting platform removes this type of collision fundamentally.

Automatic Spray System

The tubes must be accelerated from the starting points, but the lightweight kids do not get a good acceleration enough to slide down dynamically. Their tubes even stop at the middle of the slope on low-humidity or sunny days. The automatic starter is also equipped with the automatic spraying system which sprays water when the platform is horizontally waiting for the start and stop spraying when the platform bends down to dispatch the patrons.  The water spraying at the starting zone
reduces the friction between the tubes and the slope surface to accelerate the speed. When the platform rises again and recovers its horizontal waiting state, the water injection starts again. The sprayed water flows down to the bottom of the slope to be collected and recycled through the water filtration system.