We produce high quality waterslides

that are distinguished from other companies' products.

High Level Design

Our slide is designed to be safe sliding considering the sliding speed and the turning radius, and can predict the problems that may occur during the construction process based on the 3D field measurement data.

Various Types of Molds

With various types of molds, there are no restrictions on the design of the slides and they can be freely made to suit the site conditions.

Galvanized knockdown steel structure

We try our best to fabricate the simplest but strongest steel structures, which are free from the site welding and the repeated painting works every few years. They are simply assembled and disassembled only by the screws and nuts.


We create various kinds of water slides from small slides for small pools to large slides for water parks.


We create safe and aesthetic water slides with systematic design and experienced know-how.


We have the largest sales records and best reputations.